Our goal is to provide the best tree service in Las Cruces and surrounding areas to our customers. We can be reached at 575-222-7044. We understand the tree service industry and our hospitality and good rates is why you will be a satisfied customer. We are a trusted and experienced tree service provider. 

Our services in Las Cruces include some of these basics

  • Tree Trimming-  Some trees can grow wild with no upkeep whatsoever. Other trees need to be trimmed. If you are looking for an experienced affordable tree trimmer 
  • Tree Removal- Sometimes people need to have a tree taken down. There are a couple options when doing a tree removal. One of them being a drop and leave. A drop and leave means that we take the tree to the ground and leave it for the homeowner without cutting it up. Another option is to take it down and cut it up. Then the customer only has to figure out what to do with the wood. Some people just burn it or use it as firewood. It is all up to the property owner. 
  • Brush Removal- If you have a stack of brush that has been sitting around for a while and has been on your list of things to get done then we may have a solution. Call us and we will give you a quote to come and clean it up. We are very fast and can take care of the brush pile clean up. 
  • Branch Removal- This usually happens when someone doesn’t need a complete tree trimming job, but they do need a branch taken down. Here is a tip. If you have a branch that is growing into a power line, the power company is responsible for it and will usually get to it for free. 
  • Thinning- We go into the tree and remove some of the branches in a way that will thin the tree. This lets more sunshine through and can do wonders for a lawn because the grass needs sunshine to grow. 
  • Pruning- No different than trimming. It’s just a fancy way to say trimming. 
  • Topping- We don’t usually do this because it brings the life expectancy of the tree way down. This is a practice that is almost completely done away with because it is not good for the tree. In rare special circumstances we still do it though. 
Large piece of tree from a Las Cruces tree job.

When you call us for a free quote this is what you get.

  • Personal service- We treat each job with its own touch of personal service. 
  • A timeframe you can count on- There is nothing more irritating for a customer when a service provider says they will do something on time and then it doesn’t happen. Our motto is to underpromise and overdeliver that way everyone is happy. Especially the people that pay the bills and keep us in business. Also known as a customer.
  • A friendly attitude- We like to have a smile on our face whenever possible. It doesn’t cost anything and it helps brighten others’ day because a smile is contagious. 
Tree Removal with a crane in Las Cruces, NM


So, if you are looking for excellent tree service in the Las Cruces area please call us and we would be more than willing to win your business.

The last part of a tree trunk on the west side of Las Cruces, NM.