We offer all the basic tree services in and around Las Cruces, NM. We are a fully licensed and staffed with an extremely knowledgeable crew. Between all the crew members they have over 100 years of service. It is a matter of urgency that we require our team to be top notch. Here is a current list of services. This list isn’t all inclusive. If you have a tree job needing done that is not on your list all you have to do is call us and we will let you know if it is something we can take care of.

  • Tree Trimming- Have the best guys that can knock out some trimming relatively fast. We have a couple chipper trucks that eat the limbs like a Pitbull eating a steak. It goes in whole and comes out mulch.
  • Tree Removal- They call us magic tree magicians sometimes because we make trees disappear. Some people think making an elephant disappear is difficult, wait until you see our act. 🙂
  • Tree Thinning-  Some people really love the sunlight, others really love the shade. Then you have some that want both. They want a tree with just the right amount of sunlight so the grass is pretty and grows lush and green, but you can still relax and cool off under the tree. We understand and got you covered. We will thin it just right.
  • Tree Pruning- For the average home owner that likes nice organized trees. This is responsible for a couple different things. One, it makes them look good. Two, it gets rid of the dead limbs creating less work because less limbs fall out of the tree. Three, it gets rid of hazards that might come from a large falling branch.
  • Stump Removal- We have a stump eating machine nicknamed beaver. It’s like a giant beaver that can munch a large stump in the matter of minutes. It won’t try to build a dam though, that would be weird.
  • Lot Clearing- For all the builders out there that want a nice empty lot that is currently full of trees. We love this kind of work. We go in and skillfully remove the trees that should be removed so you can have a nice open area to do your building or to play baseball, whatever you choose.
  • Storm Clean up- The raging storm came through and made a mess of your trees. Now you have a yard full of mess. We can help you with that. We are tree mess removers. Our crew will make your yard free of the mess. 
  • Emergency Tree Service- For one reason or another a tree is going to fall and you need someone to help deal with it with some speed. Or, maybe it has already fallen and damaged your property. Either way it is an emergency that needs dealt with right away. We understand and can help. 
  • Brush Removal-  Sticks, limbs, leaves zig zagging this way and that. They are piled up one on top of another on top of another. It is called brush and unless you live in “the sticks” you can’t just pour a bucket of gas on it and light up. You need our brush eating, mulch spitting machine. We got you. 
  • Crown Reduction- Your tree is growing out of control and is having what looks like an extremely bad hair day. Yes, it does look like it is going to cause damage to something or tip over. We need someone to come out and reduce the crown, or in other words trim the tree. We are your tree barbers and have the best shears. 
  • Cable and Bracing- That darn wind knocked my tree out of its spot and now it is leaning. I would like to see if I can save the tree. This cable and bracing method might be effective. 
  • Consulting- This service is for other professionals. Construction companies use us often for consulting. If you need someone who is licensed and certified call us up. 

Whatever tree services in Lac Cruces you are after we can help. Just call 575-222-7044 for your free and fast quote.