Small DIY Tree Trimming and Pruning Jobs Around Las Cruces

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We always want to keep up with the best information on tree services and all the things that  have to do with plants. We know many people that have trees in the Las Cruces area would like to do smaller tree trimming jobs on their own. We have an excerpt out of a book that we want to discuss. The title is: The Pruning Handbook,  Author Steve Bradley

Selecting The Right Equipment 

Secateurs, long-handled pruners (loppers), saws, knives, and long-arm pruners all have their place when pruning, with shears being more useful for shaping and trimming. Always remember that the right tool for the job makes the task in hand much easier. 


The best tool for most types of pruning is a pair of sharp secateurs. There are four main types available, with a wide range of variations on these basic types being sold. 

The first is the anvil type, which has a single straight-edged cutting blade closing down onto an anvil, a bar of softer metal (often brass). 

The second is the parrot bill type, which has two curved blades bypassing one another very closely and cutting in a scissor-like fashion. 

The third type has two blades both with straight cutting edges which meet as the cutting action is completed. These are called Manaresi type. 

The fourth, and most commonly seen, is the blade and half-anvil type, which has one convex-shaped cutting blade. This cuts past a second curved bar which is fixed, and works by a bypass cutting action. 

A useful modification to some of the models which have an anvil cutting action is the ratchet type, which enables the user to cut through a branch in stages. These are very good for reducing fatigue. They are ideal for gardeners with a smaller hand span, but the cutting action is slower than that of conventional models. 

Each of these types can produce good clean cuts if they are used correctly and provided they are kept clean, sharp and in good condition. 

Always position the stem to be cut close to the base of the blade where it can be held firmly. If the cut is made with the tip, the blades are liable to be strained or forced apart.

Long-Handled Pruners

These are used for pruning tree branches which would normally be out of reach, and are capable of cutting through branches up to 3cm (1 1/4in) thick. They consist of a pole 2-3m (or yards) in length, with a hooked anvil and curved blade at the tip. The blade is operated by a lever at the opposite end. There are models available with a small basket attached close to the blade, these are recommended by some manufacturers for picking fruit without the need to use a ladder. However, great care has to be taken not to remove next year’s fruit buds when using this device at harvest time.”

As you can see it gives some practical information on what kind of tools to use while trimming. Many people that are doing some small trimming jobs would get some decent use out of this information. However if you are in the Las Cruces area and are looking at a bigger job for trimming or removal on a tree, please call us at 575-222-7044. 

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