Tree Service in Las Cruces

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Where did the summer go?

Holy cow, this summer has flown by and the kids are getting ready to go to school already.   Our kids love tree service work as much as we do, but i think they are excited to go back to school to see their friends again.   We have several of our tree service guys that have families with kids in school, but we all work hard to take care of them.   We are hoping that our children find the love of trimming and/or removing trees like we have.

We have been very busy this summer and would like to thank our wonderful customers.   We have many repeat families and a bunch of new customers that have come our way due to referrals.   As our past customers know, we treat each and every one of you like family.   We give you the professional and family friendly service that you deserve.  

Our staff and equipment

Our staff here at Tree Service Las Cruces are very knowledgable and experienced in the tree trimming business.   We have trimmed way to many trees to count and cut down many more.    We love trees so we prefer to keep them trimmed up, but there are times where removing the tree is necessary.   We recommend keeping your trees trimmed every couple of years, depending on the type of tree.    Feel free to give us a call and we will come out to see if your trees need trimmed or for a general evaluation.  

We have many customers who we do annual tree inspections for to ensure their trees remain healthy.   Once a tree becomes infested with a disease, it could kill your tree.  If you can keep your tree healthy, it could last several life times.   To ensure that we give you top quality performance, our team uses high quality equipment which also keeps them safe.   We also keep our equipment blades sharp to ensure clean cuts.  

Many of our customers want us to haul away the wood once its cut down, but if you would like for us to keep it at your location, we’ll organize it and leave it there.  If you want us to cut the pieces small for you, just let us know before we start the project.    The wood that we cut down from the trees can make for some very good firewood.   As noted though, we can certainly haul off all of the wood, so you won’t have to mess with it. 

Our team will show up promptly at the preagreed to time.   If you would like for our visit to be contactless, just let us know ahead of time and we will make sure we keep it contactless.   If we have questions, we will call you from the job site.   A friendly reminder that we give free estimates and our family owned business thanks you for considering us for your tree service needs. 


Please give us a call today at 575.222.7044 for your fast, friendly and free estimate.   

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