Tree Service Las Cruces

Did you know the American Elm, native to Eastern America and parts of Canda is a fast and valuable tree? Living up to three hundred years and growing so big it’s the produces the best shade coverage. This Elm can be profitable by selling it for timber. After its sold to the highest bidder the buyer then pays for the proper tree removal service to clear the timber. Loggers can also pay landowners to haul out timber and pay the landowners a percentage of the profit. It also makes for the prettiest homemade furniture. One of the fastest growing trees that survive and grow in the dry desert sand is the California Pepper tree. This beautiful bright green leaf tree reaches 2ft  to 4ft per year. Even thought the branches are droopy the can live of an moderate amount of water. The Halls Hardy Almond tree produces small valuable nuts. It can grow up to 20 feet in two to four years. Blooming in late spring with a plethora of pale pink flowers. Great for cooking or snacking but these are not sold commercially. So thier are many different types of trees used during the Christmas holiday but the one that stands out is the 90 feet Norwegian Spruce known as The Rockafeller that brightens up Time squre the month of December. Now the fast growing Christmas tree is the Leland Cypress growing 3feet or 4feet per year. It’s commonly found down South in America. The Rio Grande Cottonwood is a short lived but fast growing tree. Growing between 40feet to 80feet tall.

Fall is the best time of the year to plant new trees. Late August, September and October are the best months. It really just depends on when it feels like fall outside.  Waiting until the hottest days of summer are gone. Make sure the ground is not yet frozen and start planting your  trees.
If you wait too long into the fall season (November – December) you run the risk of poor root growth and/or  increasing its  failure rate. No matter what type of try your planting, be it slow growing or fast growing, maintaining maintenance on your tree is critical to its life span. Tree trimming and pruning limbs that have over grown and have the potential of affecting your property in a negative way definitely should be maintained by a professional. Making sure your using a experienced and insured arborist. When looking for a professional you want to make sure they are affordable and we’ll trained in the care of trees. Finding a service who offers emergency service or 24/7 service is a plus. Most offer free estimates when surveying the tree that needs maintenanced. March 21st is Arbor Day. It is not a national holiday but instead schools nationwide celebrate this day with learning the  environment-related care on planting and caring for trees. So this year grab the kids and enjoy a nice day outside helping the environment.

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