Tree Service Pricing Las Cruces

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Tree Service Las Cruces

Median Tree Service Prices Las Cruces

If only we had a little black book we could go to that would tell us about price of a tree service job. It would make life a little easier for us in the business. However, there is no such book. We simply stay true to our philosophy that if we treat people right and charge a fair price our business will thrive. We call it “hard work, clean living”.  

Median Tree Trimming Prices 

A normal tree trimming job on a level ground that we can get our machines to easily would probably run $200-$500. That is assuming there are no obstructing objects that we will have to deal with when dropping the branches. Most customers usually have more than 1 tree that needs to be trimmed. This pricing drops for each tree because we are already at the location set up which saves time. If you have 2 or more trees it is best to call for a quote because you may be delightfully surprised by the low quote. 

Median Tree Removal Prices

Tree Removal can mean different things to different customers. Some of our customers just want us to drop the tree and they dispose of it, and some want us to remove it completely. For this pricing we are generally talking about removing it completely. The average removal job is $750-$1300. 

This pricing will change greatly based on the size of the tree. Some great big mamma trees are priced out over 10k to have removed. Those types of trees we have to pull out all the big guns. This tree is a rare beast though so please call us for your free estimate on a tree removal.  

Average Stump Removal

A stump really isn’t that difficult for us to remove. The biggest part of the job is to bring the stump grinder to the location. It will run $75-$150 to remove a stump. This can also change and is an average price. We usually wait until we have multiple stumps to grind in one day. We usually do it on Wednesday and call it our stump hump day. Most of our customers have the stump quoted in the original job with the tree removal. 

Brush Removal Prices

Brush is one of those things that once piled up can sit for years sometimes while someone in the house says they are going to get to it eventually but never does. We have the equipment to turn the brush into mulch so we figured we might as well help people remove the brush. An average brush removal price would run $150-$400 depending on the size. It can be more or less. It also depends on where the brush is and how long it has been there. Some brush has been sitting so long the plants around it grow through it and make it stick together. We can manage though and drag it off the property and run through our mulcher. 

Thank you for allowing Tree Service Las Cruces to serve you and we want to say how much we appreciate all of you for entrusting us with your trees and property.

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